About Us

Ecosystem Farm: 2017 Web Commercial from Jeremy Cournyea on Vimeo.

Ecosystem Farm grows tasty veggies without any synthetic chemicals – no pesticides, insecticides, or synthetic fertilizers.  Instead, we use compost, cover crops, companion planting and the farmer’s fingers to make sure you get the healthiest, freshest, tastiest produce available. We grow food that is truly sustainable. We are building a holistic system that gives back to the soil as we’re growing. When our season ends, the soil is in better condition than it was when we began.

We are located in the heart of East Atlanta, just five minutes from the Village at 1088 Bouldercrest Dr SE, Atlanta, GA 30316.

Our food is available to our community through our Weekly Harvest program – you invest in your health and your local farmer at the start of the season and pick up your share of the harvest each week during the season. Harvest can include fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, eggs or mushrooms. Check out our Weekly Harvest page for more info. đŸ™‚

We try (and mostly succeed) to hold the following open hours:

Sundays: 12-4

Mondays: 12-6

Thursdays: 12-6

Come by during open hours or give us a call at 404-919-4422!